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Q: Where do most people use SocketRoll?

A: It’s very versatile so it can be used anywhere. We have seen it used in boats, RV’s, at the track, out in nature with 4×4’s    and of course with mechanics, enthusiasts    and the regular Joe /Jane alike as part of their portable tool kit.


Q: What are the hard parts behind the socket rows?

A: It’s a plastic strip to aid in protection for both the sockets and the fabric itself.


Q: I see that it has elastic, but won’t it stretch out quickly?

A: Because we use high quality woven elastic it holds the tensile strength much longer, so stretching is not an issue.


Q: I just got mine and the sockets are a little hard to get in at first, what’s up with that?

A: Good question! We recommend a “break in” time of about 2-3 weeks with the tools installed before the elastic settles in its shape. Remember, this is high quality elastic, not the cheap-o stuff.


Q: I received a flyer that says SocketRoll is water and oil resistant, what does that mean?

A: Because of the specialized material it is made with it will not absorb oil/water as quickly as normal  fabric (cotton, denim, etc.). Just don’t soak it in anything and you should be good to go.


Q: Can I wash SocketRoll if it gets dirty?

A: We don’t recommend washing and if it gets dirty it just means it’s getting used and that’s a good thing.


Q: What is the return policy?

A: SocketRoll comes with a 90 day manufactures defect guarantee, but check with the place of purchase for any additional terms.


Q: Are there additional colors?

A: Yes. We are going to be offering a Gray, Black, Camo and Pink in the future but are open to other colors as well. If you have a suggestion let us know.


Q: The tagline says, “Junkyard Inspired…” what is that about?

A: Simply put, we see a lot of guys at the junk yards with their sockets in a bag or box and a complete mess. They are always digging through and looking for a socket. We saw a problem and wanted to offer a solution…SocketRoll is it.